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I'm considering moving to a new account. The reason is that I'm a long way from where I was when I made this account, which was near the end of 9th grade. That's ~5 years worth of stupid, angsty, obsolete shitposting that I'm not exactly proud of and didn't necessarily mean. At the time I was-- and to some extent I still am-- going through a lot of personal bullshit which I'll spare the details of, and took my frustrations and repressed anger out on a lot of people who didn't deserve it. It's really awful and disappointing to look back on. About 99% of the stuff I've ever said on this account no longer reflects how I think, and I hate feeling held to it. Not just the stamps either, but shit I said here when I was 15-17 too.

Also to clarify, I'm not a natalist or pro-procreation. Not even close. My opinions can and do change. Maybe not overnight, but it happens. For a while I've been gradually drifting away from the political right and towards more libertarian/autarchist sentiments. As for religion, I'll be completely honest; I abandoned my faith gradually during high school, but was in denial about it for a while, hence most of the pro-religion content here. I was in fact raised in a hardcore Christian setting, and I didn't come to terms with my apostasy until somewhat recently. However I'll keep some of the stamps up because 1) other people still seem to like and use them, 2) I don't completely disagree with some of them but do wish I handled it differently, and 3) I'm a lazy hoarder and my tab bar proves it.

The way I appear on here is not the way I am in real life, at least for the most part.


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GlitterBrushArt Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm so glad i came across your profile. And how did you edit it to pro dumbass i didn't even know you could do that lol. 
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MinMeow Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
hey buddy 
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AriaGrill Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
bruh pls come back
we need more cishet hwhite males in the world
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ketchup-on-taco Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016
I like your stamps, my dude.
MessiahOfTheForsaken Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist…

Holy shit, this triggered kid responded to a comment thats over a year old. Holy crap.
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